Heavy Duty Swivel Links


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Our heavy duty range of full load range of Swivel Links facilitates a flexible rotational connection between the winch bond and the cable sock thus protecting the cable whilst allowing the bond to naturally rotate

All swivels are certified and have a safety factor of 3:1

As well as our premium range of swivels, we have an economy range which gives cost effective alternative with wide jaw advantages


Model SWL (3:1) Diameter Length Jaw Width
0.35T 350Kg 18mm 60mm 8.5mm
0.75T 750Kg 26mm 84mm 13.75mm
2T 2000Kg 31mm 135mm 13mm
3T 3000Kg 32mm 137mm 14.7mm
5T 5000Kg 38mm 152mm 18.2mm
7T 7000Kg 42mm 160mm 18mm
8T 8000Kg 45mm 175mm 20mm
10T 10000Kg 52mm 180mm 20mm

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0.35T, 0.75T, 10T, 20T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 7T, 8T


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