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Pulling Carrots, often referred to as pulling eyes or towing eyes, are a useful accessory for pulling plastic pipe or sub duct. Each carrot has a tapered threaded body to allow it to be used on a range of internal pipe diameters.

The thread is cut in a unique way to allow ease of insertion and maximum grip. One end is a clevis and pin for attaching the pulling rope and on the other end is an eye to enable pre-installed rope to be attached. If multiple ducts are to be pulled, each carrot can be attached to a three or four way staggered pulling harness

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<u><strong>PC1</strong></u> Pulling Carrot suitable for internal diameter range 24-30mm<br>
<u><strong>PC2</strong></u> Pulling Carrot suitable for internal diameter range 28-38mm


PC1, PC2, PC3


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