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Economical Cable Socks


Cable Diameter Lattice Weave Breaking Load Lattice Length Overall Length
7-13mm Single 300Kg 240mm 315mm
13-18mm Single 400Kg 290mm 365mm
10-15mm Double 2040Kg 500mm 610mm
15-18mm Double 2540Kg 480mm 600mm
18-25mm Double 3080Kg 550mm 780mm

The single weave grips are light duty, soft and flexible, ideal for fibre optic cable

The double weave are ideal for medium loads


Cable Grips (also often referred to as Cable Stockings, Pulling Socks or Chinese Fingers) are a quick, efficient way to install/control electrical cables. Cable Grips are re-usable (subject to inspection) and can also be used to support or pull any cylindrical object within their grip and load carrying capacity


Weight N/A

7-13mm Single Weave, 13-18mm Single Weave, 10-15mm Double Weave, 15-18mm Double Weave, 18-25mm Double Weave


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