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Techlube Multi cable lubricant is an all-purpose water-based underground cable installation lubricant for general cable pulling operations. Its string & cling consistency adheres perfectly to cables in wet weather and has a resistance to wash off in water filled ducts. Techlube Multi is a non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable cable lubricant


Applications for Techlube Multi Cable Pulling Lubricant

•Underground utility cable placement operations

•Sub-duct installations

•Duct pre-lubrication 


Key Benefits of Techlube Multi Cable Pulling Lubricant

•Easy to apply water-based, high performance cable lubricant

•Intermediate viscosity suitable for use with electrical and telecommunication cables 

•Superior friction reduction and strong adhesion to cable/duct wall  

•Regular pulling tension

•Reduced risk of cable damage during the cable installation

•Dries slowly to form a thin friction reducing film which retains its slip 

•Allows additional cable installs or removals in same duct at a later date

•Continues to lubricate the cable jacket in flooded conditions

•High and low temperature stability

•Compatibility tested with materials used in cable jackets, cable joints and accessories

•Does not contain salt, detergent or grease which can degrade cable jackets 

•Does not cause hot spots 

•No threat to environment, spillages can be flushed to drain


Standard Packaging for Techlube Multi Cable Pulling Lubricant  

•20 litre bucket (each)


Key Approvals & Recommendations for Techlube Cable Pulling Lubricants  

•Bellcore Requirements for Cable Placing Lubricants

•Bellcore Technical Audit Report AU-NWT-000077

•Recommended by Nexans after compatibility testing with Nexan Cable Jacket Material 

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